The ABC’s of Running:

(Beginner - 15 min)

Brief description:

This is a progressive drill focused on the bio-mechanics of running (Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed).   As such, it takes the athlete through three distinct movements in running technique, each with specific focal points, to be practised and perfected at learning (slow) speed before trying to be applied at full speed.  These three movements are known as:  the A-march, the B- skip and the C-march/skip.  Interval sprints between fifty and one hundred percent of maximal exertion may also be used for advanced reinforcement of technique following repetitions of the three movements outlined below.

How to teach:

Warm-Up:  (practice techniques above) - Remove Players' Sticks





Reference:  Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Thomas R. Baechle & Roger W. Earle.

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